Friday, August 17, 2007

Left Behind (The Rapture Song)

This is from our main service this past Sunday. We are in the middle of a series on Daniel, and this week was covering chapters 8-12 and Daniel's visions. Thought this was a funny way to intro the sermon.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


August 25th brings our annual YouthWorker Training Day here in KC. This is hosted and organized by YouthFront with the help of some local youthworkers. The idea is to provide a day of encouragement and training for local youth ministry volunteers. It's a great day to take your entire volunteer team to.

I am doing two seminars - the first is "Parents are your Partners." The objective is to help volunteers see the family as their ally in reaching young teens. How can we move beyond the teen as our "end goal" and start seeing the family as the place where lasting ministry moments can happen more frequently?

The second seminar I am doing in tandem with my associate Emily Wilson and another young woman in ministry Jenny Marvine. This seminar will be "Ministering to Middle School Boys & Girls." Our objective in this time is to help volunteers understand ways to better connect with students as they better understand who they are and where they are and why they are. Did that make any sense?

If you have any thoughts that might be good to share in either of these seminars, let me know.

Harder than it seems...

Blogging is harder than it seems. It's difficult to find things to post. Well, at least, things I think someone else will care about. I get tired of going to blogs only to find them filled with Babel and blah. I guess that's just my opinion though. Most would probably say the same things about what I have and will post. Oh well.