Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Small Groups

Last Friday at the Austin NYWC I had the chance to speak on middle school small groups. This morning I was laughing out loud (sorry Kurt) when I read Kurt Johnston’s blog about oversleeping on Saturday. We were up late on Friday at the ideas lab and I told Kurt there was NO WAY I was getting up to attend his gig at 8:00 – I guess he didn’t want to get up either J

So, as far as my seminar – it was good fun and I enjoyed the time. Although I though the time was well spent, there were a few things that I will change for the Cinci convention. We definitely need more time for Q&A. In the ideas lab there were several pragmatic small group questions. I was reminded that often we attend seminars for the answers to some pressing questions we currently have. Also, I think it would be good to make sure we spend some time talking about how we can be creative in our small group time.

If you were going to sit in a seminar on middle school small groups – what would you want to hear?